Our Products


C-RAD, Sweden, produces a revolutionary solution for non-rigid, deformable registration, marker free optical Surface Image Guided Radiation Therapy (SIGRT), coupled with application software optimized for work-flow integration. C-RAD’s cutting-edge solutions ensure exceptionally high precision, safety and efficiency in advanced radiation therapy, helping to cure more cancer patients and improve their quality of life. 


IBA Dosimetry offers a full range of integrated and innovative solutions for Quality Assurance (QA), calibration procedures, and imaging markers, as well as services that maximize efficiency and patient safety in Radiation Therapy and Medical Imaging. Both in radiation therapy and medical imaging applications, radiation has to be applied wisely and carefully.

Cyrpa Laser Belgium

The CYRPA HIT (High Impact Technology) precise lasers systems represent the next innovation in virtual simulation. With a combination of configurations, the HIT virtual simulation lasers have been designed with the user and patient in mind. With a touch of a button, the user can select a green or red diode laser line, each with a laser line accuracy of +/- 0.1mm allowing for a faster and more accurate simulation.